New generation smart composite ultrasonic heat and water meters


Project no.: 01.2.1-LVPA-K-855-01-0002

Project description:

“UAB Axioma Metering” develops and produces ultrasonic heat and water accounting and data management devices and is the sole developer and producer of ultrasonic water and heat meters in the Baltic States. The long-term goal and ambition of the company is to be a leader in its field, to expand and improve production and to become one of the five largest producers of metering devices in Europe. Global trends in the development of accounting devices show that large companies have been investing in research and development over the last few years in order to bring to the market new products that meet consumer needs and are made from more cost-effective or efficient materials. Therefore, innovation, new and advanced products are becoming an increasingly important factor in a competitive environment. The development of new generation metering devices requires targeted fundamental research that will be carried out by the scientists of the Kaunas University of Technology and also applied research and development works to be performed in cooperation with the Lithuanian Energy Institute. The implementation of project will result new generation smart composite ultrasonic heat and water meters. The main benefit of this will be high-quality metering devices for a lower price, 1.5 times longer service life and twice longer period between periodical metrological inspections. In addition, newly developed meters will be environmentally friendly, i.e. made of recyclable secondary raw materials.
The project in Kaunas University of Technology is coordinated by a team of scientists led by Prof. Arminas Ragauskas from Health Telematics Science Institute in cooperation with the team of the Institute of Materials Science, the activities of which are led by a chief researcher Tomas Tamulevičius.

Project funding:

This research project is funded by European Regional Development Fund according to the 2014–2020 Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investments under measure No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-855 “Intellect LT-2″

Project results:

HTSI from KTU participated in this project together with UAB “Axioma Metering” and the main results are the creation of innovative Qalcosonic series ultrasonic hot and cold water meters and the protection of intellectual property with US, European and other patents. New products are already in serial production and exported to more than 60 foreign markets. UAB “”Axioma Metering”” aims to become one of the three largest producers of this production in the world. Another result of the project is the fact that cases were won in the US and German courts, proving the patent purity of UAB “”Axioma metering”” products. The project significantly contributed to the development of the robotic production line of UAB “”Axioma metering””. The construction of the second robotic factory of UAB “”Axioma metering”” in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone has already started in 2023. The construction will be completed in 2024 after investing 20 million euros. This investment will expand the scale of serial production exceeding 4 million pcs of ultrasonic water meters annually.

Period of project implementation: 2018-10-01 - 2022-02-27

Project coordinator: UAB "AXIOMA METERING"

Project partners: Lithuanian Energy Institute, Kaunas University of Technology

Arminas Ragauskas, Tomas Tamulevičius, Arminas Ragauskas, Arminas Ragauskas

2018 - 2022

Health Telematics Science Institute