KTU Health Telematics Science Institute

Scientists and researchers of KTU Health Telematics Science Institute are actively involved in the PhD study process, and are contributing to the development of the innovative master’s studies model MA+.



Scientists of the Institute are participating in process of doctoral studies.

At the moment prof. A. Ragauskas is supervising the development of these theses:

  • Paulius Lučinskas “Diagnostics of Non-Invasive Glaucoma”
  • Mantas Deimantavičius “Problem of Ensuring the Precision of Non-Invasive Head Pressure Monitoring”
  • Edvinas Chaleckas “Development of non-invasive technologies for prevention of brain functional impairments during cardiac surgery”
  • Vilma Putnynaitė “Development of non-invasive technologies for protection of brain functions from damage during cardiac surgery”
  • Vilius Dambrauskas “Research and development of robotic endovascular surgery systems”
  • Vaidas Labunskas “Research and development of an innovative, minimally invasive robotic surgery system for coronary interventions with haptic feedback and real time diagnostics”


Professor Arminas Ragauskas
e. p. telematics@ktu.lt
tel. +37068620084

Doctoral studies

Doctoral students studying and working on dissertation research projects in the areas of electrical and electronic engineering and measurement engineering are conducting their research at the laboratories of KTU Health Telematics Science Institute.


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