Research of Monitoring and Prevention of Functional Damage in Human Brain: Creation of R&D of Innovative Technologies in Cardiac Surgery (Autoreguliacija)

Project no.: PP-91J/19

Project description:

The human brain has a great metabolic demand and requires adequate nutritional flow. The brain’s vascular system must respond to changes in arterial blood pressure (ABP) or intracranial pressure to sustain constant cerebral blood flow. A mechanism which maintains cerebral blood flow stable despite fluctuations of perfusion pressure is called cerebrovascular autoregulation (CA). Unfortunately, the impairment of CA has an impact on patients’ outcome. CA status monitoring of these patients allows a physician to establish the optimal, individualized CA-targeted treatment, which is associated with better clinical outcomes and higher survival rates. Thus, it is essential to know the real-time status of CA and the individualized treatment strategy should be re-valuated regularly over the time-course of the CA status. During the project activities it will be assessed a fully non-invasive cerebrovascular autoregulation monitoring system. This CA monitoring technology is based on Volume-Reactivity index VRx(t) calculation using non-invasively recorded intracranial blood volume fluctuations together with ABP slow waves. The most important finding of this project will be a comprehensive explanation of cerebrovascular autoregulation mechanism that emerges from a synergistic application of the new technology and conceptual structures developed under this project.

Project funding:

KTU R&D&I Fund

Project results:

1. After performing experimental R&D, a preventive system of cognitive function impairment and a technological implementation of a brain monitoring system during cardiac surgical operations were created.
2. Experimental studies of cardiac surgery equipment and system prototype were carried out.

Period of project implementation: 2019-04-01 - 2019-12-31

Solventa Krakauskaitė

2019 - 2019

Health Telematics Science Institute, Laboratory of Technology for Human Non-invasive Physiological Measurement and Monitoring